Welcome to the Member Contact Permissions Page

You may remember that on the renewal or application form that you completed for this year’s membership there was a contacts section. This said Your club is keen to involve you in the activities that help keep the club going”. It then asked you to tick the boxes if you would like to receive information on matches and general information.  The reasons for this are that the club, as all others, is bound by the new GDPR legislation and we need your permission before we can contact you.


The list shows the membership number and the permissions you have granted the club, please check the details held against your membership number. Please use the contact form to let me know if:

  • There is an error in the information

  • You have given permission and now wish to withdraw that

  • You have not given permission and would like to do so

When completing the contact form include your name and membership number. This will allow me to verify that I am dealing with a genuine request.


As an example of the general information, already this year emails have been sent concerning the new constitution and rules, the new website (of which this is part) and the combination code for Swift Ditch. Match emails could include information on changes to venues, cancellations due to weather etc.

So you can see, there's lots of useful information you could be missing out from if we don't have permission to contact you, not least, details of next year's membership renewals.


There are quite a few members who have kindly given permissions but for whom we don't have a valid email address - If this is you then complete a contact form and include name, membership number and email address.