Disabled Access

As a club we are aware that we have a number of disabled, elderly and physically infirm members and we do our best to accommodate them.


To this end the club works to provide easy access swims at both of its venues. Notwithstanding, please remember that banks of ponds and rivers can be dangerous places and, despite the best efforts of the club, it is your responsibility to act in accordance with your safety.


Grove Pond

Disabled (wheelchair) access has been provided for swims 1-5.

Swims 1 & 2 are accessible from a slope to the left of peg 1.  Pegs 3, 4 & 5 are directly accessible from behing the peg.

Note: access to these pegs is on compacted aggregate only - Please do not drive spikes , bank sticks etc into this material.


If you are fishing any of these swims (and all are occupied) then the club would be grateful if you would give the swim up if requested by a disabled angler.



Swift Ditch

Parking is available on the bank very close to the river, there are a few very well-tended swims on the lawn area downstream of the car park. Do not park your car on the lawn area – this is actually our landlord’s garden and he will not be pleased to have cars drive on it.