This page gives details for who to contact outside of the club if you need to report an emergency


If you see fish in distress, or suspect pollution then call the environment agency

Their 24 hour number is 0800 80 70 60

Also, try to contact a committee member in order that action can be taken as quickly as possible

For a crime being (or likely to be) committed, for example the removal of fish from our fisheries, damage to property, verbal or physical aggression, then call 999.

It is important that you do not put yourself at risk of confrontation, if faced with aggression then back-off and call 999 immediately

Please let a committee member know of the incident as soon as possible after you have reported it to the police

For any minor crime that may already have been committed, or wish to anonymously report someone for committing a crime, then contact Crimestoppers.

Their hotline number is 0800 555 111

Minor incidents can be reported to the non-emergency police number 101