Our Waters

Wantage and Grove have two waters, a small pond to the north of Grove, affectionately known as "Volley Pond" and a stretch of a Thames offshoot, known as "Swift Ditch" near Abingdon.

Grove Pond

A small picturesque, lily-fringed, pond of about half an acre (about 150 yards long by a maximum of 40 yards wide) comprising twenty one swims. Depths range from three down to over ten feet with comfortable easily accessible swims.

This is a well-stocked pond containing small carp, F1s, crucians, bream, tench, perch, roach and rudd, along with a few chub.

The carp run to low double figures, the bream are reaching a respectable weight, 5lb being not uncommon and the roach are coming on well, with fish over a pound being a possibility.

Swift Ditch

A ditch cut by the monks of Abingdon as a navigation route but long abandoned as such.

There's a small weir at the top and this is a tree strewn stretch.

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Disabled Access

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