The home of fishing in Wantage and Grove.

This page updated Thursday 15 July 2021, all information is accurate at that date

Behaviour at the pond

Reports have reached the committee of poor behaviour at the pond. A couple of members who night fish (which is within the rules) are playing music (which is against the rules), drinking and smoking cannabis.

The taking of illegal drugs can bring the club into disrepute and risks Network Rail banning the club from the pond. If such behaviour is repeated the club will not hesitate to discipline the members concerned and involve the police.

Work at the Pond - w/c 19 July

The BDAA have advised that they will complete the work on the platforms w/c 19 July. Whilst this work is being carried out it may be necessary to close swims 3, 4 & 5. There will be bankside disturbance and noise as the platforms are installed..

Bridge from lawn

Swift Ditch - Closed

Due to an ongoing legal dispute regarding right of access between the land owners at Swift Ditch the club has decided to close the fishery until it is resolved.

The club is not involved directly in the dispute but obviously does not wish to inflame the situation so has decided to close the fishery until further notice.

Fishery plan - Grove pond

Click the link below to see the current fishery plan for Grove pond.

Please be aware that this is a discussion document and decisions on any point have yet to be finalised.

Fishery Plan

Matches 2021/22

See here for Calendar and Results.

Bear in mind - the calendar is subject to change depending on Covid restrictions.

Visit this page regularly to check for updates.

Social Event​

Sat 21 August

The memorial match will be followed by a social barbecue held at the King Alfred's head, See the social page for details.

Work Party

Saturday 31 July 8am

If you can lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated.

See the work party page for details.

Safety First

All members are reminded to take care when fishing. The club's waters can be deep and cold.

If you can't swim then learn, or at least wear a life jacket. Then, if you take an inadvertent dip you'll be able to get yourself out.


Netting Results

A netting of the pond for stock assessment purposes was carried out on Saturday 20 February.

See the netting page for further details.

Peg Restrictions

Following the recent tranche of closures the club is pleased to advise that all pegs (with the exception of peg 16) are now open.

Peg 16 remains closed until further notice.