The home of fishing in Wantage and Grove.

This page updated Sunday 3 May 2021, all information is accurate at that date

Work Party - Help needed

The next work party is  planned for:

Saturday 15 May, start at 9am.


See here for details of what we've done so far and work still needed.

If you fish the pond note there is an island tethered by a yellow tie, leave this in place - fish around it if you must

Matches 2021/22

Matches are back on!

A new match calendar is published

See here for details.

Bear in mind - all this could change if covid restrictions are reimposed.

Social Event

Fri/Sat 2/3 July - Orchard lakes New Forest.

See the social page for details.

Renewals 2021

Renewals are now closed for 2021, if you missed the deadline please re-apply via the new mwmber application form.

Contractors on Pond

The contractors haven't finished work on pegs 3, 4 & 5 so for now these remain closed.

There is no definite date for this work at the moment but this page will be updated when more information is available.

For health and safety purposes members MUST NOT fish pegs 1-10 whilst the contractors are working


There is a change to the constitution (3.1.1) allowing 200 adult members.

See the constitution for details.

Whilst you are there why not brush up on your knowledge of the rules?

Netting Results

A netting of the pond for stock assessment purposes was carried out on Saturday 20 February.

See the netting page for further details.

Peg Restrictions

Following the recent tranche of closures the club is pleased to advise that all pegs (with the exception of peg 16) are now open.

Peg 16 remains closed until further notice.