Work Party

There is a work party planned for the pond on Saturday 15 May

On Sat 24 April, Bas, Gerry, Daniel and I attended a four and a half hour work party. Many thanks to those guys for their hard work.

During that time we built, floated, planted and positioned a floating island. We also built and floated a second, but this is not planted nor is it in its final position.

They may look a bit of a mess at the moment but once the planting becomes established the outline of the plastic pipes will be broken and they'll look much more natural.


Saturday 15 May - start 9am


This work party will be a continuation of the work from the 24th April, one floating island needs to be planted and positioned and another one (at least) constructed from scratch.

Also, there will be some work needed to provide slopes down to the disabled platforms, some general "gardening" and tidying up prior to the first match of the season.


A pretty good idea of what is needed to build the floating islands can be seen here: How to make a floating island. Have a look to see what's involved.


There's lots of work to do, please use the contacts page to let us know if you can help.