Grove Pond

Affectionately known as "volly pond" this was dug at the time Brunel was laying the Great Western Railway so it's been here since 1840.

It contains a good head of fish with carp into double figures, bream to 6lb, tench, crucians, F1s, some good roach and rudd and a few chub.

Match weights regularly reach 30-40lb and pleasure weights can easily exceed this.

The water varies from about 4 feet at the narrow north end down to more than 10 feet at the south. There are no sudden depth changes to worry about.


Despite its rather noisy location, nestled between the railway and the A338, this is a most picturesque fishery. There are lily beds to provide cover for the fish and the flowers add colour. The club has also added irises giving a beautiful splash of yellow in early summer.

Warning - Network Rail have completed work on the electrification of the rail-line and have instructed us that running rod and line are not permitted in pegs 11, 12 & 13, these pegs are pole only. Note: Network rail is our landlord and breach of this rule could result in the club losing the fishery,

The club has a fishery plan for this water, click here to see the latest: Grove pond - Fishery plan