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Updated: Jun 14

13 June 2021 Committee Cup

Thanks to the tender ministrations of Thames Water the track to the pond is not useable.

This match will have to be rearranged.

Bless them and all those who manage our beloved water company.

30 May 2021 2nd Aggregate - Grove pond - Update

My undercover reporter has been kind enough to provide some additional details (or digging the dirt - your call!) on the goings-on at the pond during the match. Names have been changed to protect the guilty!. Roy Wolfe in peg 5 managed to lose his keepnet into the depths of the pond just a couple of minutes before the match started. Whilst the net retreival operation was going on Robert Irons, our venerable match secretary, spotted an opportunity and called "All-In", creating a mad rush back to swims to get fishing.

As the match progressed, our favourite Mercedes driver, Will Bailey, saw one of his pole sections roll gently into the pond, at which point Brainy Dooks rushed to his rescue desperately trying to catch the disappearing section in his landing net. Not one to ever be flustered (or lend a hand) Will carried on fishing as if nothing was happening - see - that's what a lifetime in management does to you. Will's section was eventually retrieved by Randy Dancer who claimed his 10% recovery fee, he's awaiting the cheque and thank-you card from Will.

Bob Wilko, who had drawn a platform peg at the north end of the pond decided in his wisdom to fish rod & line, against the advise of his caring fellow members. As it turned out this was sound advise, the floating "fluff" from tree seeds managed to clog his rod-rings resulting in more than one hooked carp being allowed the freedom to wrap itself around the supporting scaffolding poles and effect its escape.

30 May 2021 2nd Aggregate - Grove pond

Well, that confused me - and no mistake! I got the hand-written sheet for the match results from Bob and matched it up to our membership (the published results sheets work in the background from membership number) and I couldn't find an Elianna Harrop. Were my records wrong? Did we have a non-member fish a match? No, of course, Elianna married Stuart last week and her surname is now Harrop, nee Edwards. Our congratulations to the happy couple and we are delighted that they thought a honeymoon at Grove pond was better than the planned 2 weeks in the Carribean - sensible people!

Anyway, onto the results, Bob Alder took first place with an impressive 32lb 3oz from peg 10, Bob's catch consisted of just five fish (three carp and two bream). Bob "next-pegged" Tony Brooker in peg 9 by 15lb, Tony took second with 16lb 14oz, there followed 2 more 16lb bags, Stuart Harrop showed the disappointment of a cancelled Carribean holiday was no impediment to taking third place from peg 16 with 16lb 9oz and was 7oz clear of Steve Ferris.

With only 2 matches fished so far it's a little early to put much importance on the leader board but, just for the record, both Tony Brooker and Bob Alder are tied on 42 points (technically Bob has pride of place having more match wins than Tony).

19 anglers took at total of 176lb, there were no dry nets and the average was slightly up on the first aggregate at 9lb 4oz.

16 May 2021 1st Aggregate - Grove pond

At last, back to matches! This one, the first of the year, kicked-off according to the match calendar, covid didn't throw any unexpected hurdles in the way. Turnout was rather lower than was originally anticipated, 16 anglers fished and it's possible the forecast put some anglers off, however, the worst of the rain kept off until mid-afternoon. (Matt was on Ikea furniture-assembly duty).

The winner by a clear 8lb margin was Jim Routledge, he took 22lb 10oz from peg 17, runner-up was Tony Brooker who, on peg 18, got "next-pegged by Jim. Third was Bob Alder, just 6 oz behind Tony, with 14lb 3oz, from peg 5.

A total of 144lb 10oz was taken to the scales, there were no dry nets giving an average of 9lb per angler.

13 May 2021 Match Fishing count-down

Excitement is building to fever pitch as the first match for ages approaches. Some members have been down to the pond "pleasure fishing" but we know, we know (Billy, Nathan & Phil to name but 3).... it is actually practice for the big day on Sunday.

Such a day, and so many unanswered questions........

Will it rain and will Danny swear at the weather?

Will Vicky repeat her glorious triumph of last year and take the aggregate trophy?

Will Billy join the pools?

Will Matt get the best from his new top-of-the-range Daiwa pole?

And.....most importantly.....has he told Rachel how much it cost?

7 May 2021 Match Fishing count-down

Anticipation builds as the date ot the first match approaches. It could be a big turnout and even your humble correspondent, although no match fisher, is eagerly looking forwards to recommencement of the friendly rivalry because, if nothing else, it is yet another step on the way back to normality.

Bring it on!

8 April 2021 Match Fishing resumed

At long last......Hooray!......Yippe! etc. etc.Match fishing is back on!

There's a new match claendar with the match season kicking off on Sunday 16 May with the first aggregate at Grove pond.

I know the match venues are heavily weighted towards Grove pond (with only 3 that aren't on there) but with all the uncertainty about travel restrictions and fishery closures that could still yet be put back in place, it was felt easier to fish home waters, at least giving the club some measure of control.

See here for the match calendar

8 April 2021 Match Rules

Before fishing any match please make sure you are fully acquainted with the rules. There have been discontented rumblings in the last year or so, in particular about swim boundaries. The rules will be enforced this year so make sure you don't break any and get yourself disqualified.

See here for the rules

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